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r u ever like damn i hate my body but then ur like life is an illusion i’m floatin around on a rock trapped in an orbit around a ball of flame in a vast & largely unknown universe where death is unescapable who gives a shit ???

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my baby don’t mess around
because she loves me so.

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Bisexual community: We define bisexuality as attraction to people of the same gender and different genders.
Biphobes: Aaaaactually bisexuality means "attracted to men and women" because the prefix "bi" means "two".
Bisexual community: Okay, that's a really narrow and finicky way of examining things, but yes the prefix bi means two. Which means that bisexual people are attracted to two different gender groups. Like, for example, people of the same gender as them and people of a different gender than them. Which is what we said. Our definition of our own sexual orientation is still right even with your narrow and finicky standards applied to it.
Biphobes: Sorry, I didn't catch any of that. I have my entire head and neck firmly lodged up my own ass. Bi means two. Bisexual means

help this party is nautical-themed what do

tbh my particular biochemical profile being what it is i essentially have two realistic options if i want to function at a level greater than Sad Robot - exercise or antidepressants - and only one of those makes me cool and muscly soooooo

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*swirls $6.99 wine*

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Paris: “yah”

Nicole Richie taught me how to be a friend


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